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How to Finance Your New Construction Home

By Joy McVean

WOW! My husband and I are finally empty-nesters. I really can’t believe how fast time flies. It seems like just yesterday we were walking around our back yard picking up separated body parts from plastic Power Ranger action figures, or picking out what sparkly outfit Barbie was going to wear today. I never thought it would happen.

So…now what?

Well…we decided it’s time to downsize. Isn’t that what grown-ups do? I’m just saying…I’m feeling super grown-up “downsizing.” We are selling our home of 18 years and purchasing a beautiful Texas Brownstone in Georgetown, TX. We are so excited about the new home and lifestyle that the Summit at Rivery Park has to offer, but not excited about the “Buying Stress.”

It’s a real thing. Look it up. I have it. Not only do we have to sell our home first (which means making my bed every single day), but we also have the stress of buying a new home. We can cross our fingers and hope for the best, find a hobby and focus on something else, call our family or friends who just went through this and discuss our feelings and concerns…or maybe the answer is alcohol? I do relax with a drink on occasion, but no, however much I would like for it to be the answer, I don’t believe drinking will help. ()Don’t get me wrong, I’ll definitely try it, but I don’t think it is the answer.)

My stress revolves around many things:
Will anyone like our house?
How much will they offer us?
Do I have enough wine?
What about our new mortgage?
How will we get our financing?
Will they have wine?

The answer to relieving any amount of stress is usually educating yourself. So, I grabbed a glass of wine and started my research. I found some great information about different financing options and I wanted to share. It did help relieve my “Buying Stress” and I hope it helps to relieve yours, as well

If it doesn’t…grab a glass of wine…maybe that will help. Then, check out this helpful article:

What you need to know — and do —- to make the mortgage process smooth
By Ken Harney of NewHomeSource.com

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